Solid wood cutting boards!
1 Cutting board shipped $15.00
plus $8.00 S&H.  

2 Cutting boards shipped $28.00
plus $8.00 S&H.  

3 Cutting boards shipped $39.00
plus $8.00 S&H.  

4 Cutting boards shipped $48.00
plus $8.00 S&H   
All cutting boards are made of domestic
hardwoods and are finished with mineral
oil. Sizes are random and vary from
8-1/2" wide and up to 14"  long.  
Thickness is approximately 3/4". Sorry
specific sizes cannot be requested at this
time.  Wood cutting boards are not
dishwasher safe and should be treated
with care. Not recommended for
commercial use.  An occasional wiping
with mineral oil will restore their beauty